"Black Face" In the Post-Racial Year of Obama

So I started this blog recently because I'm now a member of the NBC Street Team (yea!), but I've really wanted a forum where we could exchange ideas for some time now.  Here we go . . . !

Maybe you've gotten word about the controversial Emperor JonesYesterday marked Goodman Theatre's Chicago premiere of the Wooster Group's take  - performed in "Black Face" by Kate Valk.  Yes, black face.  Provocative? You bet.

Emperor JonesFirst released in the early-1930s, The Emperor Jones, starring Paul Robeson, tells the story of Pullman porter, who loses his temper and his job; lands not only in jail, but on a chain gang; kills a white guard, but manages to escape to Haiti where he crowns himself emperor. In this production, The Wooster Group, apparently notorious for their radical productions, clearly has a message that they find well-worth the risk of offending cultural sensibilities

Barack's historic "post-racial" bid for presidency may, for some, mark the end of racism in America. But, we've got a mighty long way to go before the revival of a seemingly minstrel-like performance can escape the ire of people who routinely feel the effect of racism in this country. That being said, Goodman Theatre has an undisputed record of including culturally diverse productions - and not just during the month of February! Giving Goodman the benefit of the doubt, I would be disappointed to find that the use of "black face" was purely gratuitous.  Are the wounds from that history that linger into the present still too painful that any purpose could every be justifiable?  Or should we be past all that by now?


What the heck is "torrow"?!?!

I am mostly forgiving when it comes to typos that others make.  As a transactional attorney, I'm accustomed to tracking down the stray semi-colons, apostrophe after "its" and improperly formatted elipses.   So, I take pride in overlooking those mistakes in non-legal documents.  But, when it comes to my own typos - I am harsh!!!  "Torrow"?  In my subject line?!?!  Come on, Steph - how'd ya miss that one!!!

Hello, Sophisticates!

5am and I can't sleep.  Too many thoughts racing through my mind.  Usually,  I'd get up, pull out my notebook,  and release thoughts and concerns  through my pen to the paper, freeing myself for sleep.  In this case, I didn't think that would do any good.  Still chasing around images and ideas and goals inspired by my newsletter message this week.  Speaking on making something out of new year's resolutions, hoping to motivate others to accomplish their resolutions, finding myself motivated.  I hope someone else is inspired as well.

I have finally entered the blogosphere, which I've wanted to do for sometime now.  I've always enjoyed keeping a journal, but haven't written in mine for over a year.  This could be a dangerous thing . . .
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