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Soleil's Simply Social: Ravinia Park w/ Anita Baker - The "Renegade" Party Train!

8/12/12 Update: Simply Social sales have ended!  If you've missed out, consider joining us at Simply Social: Tuesdays On the Terrace!

The Party Train is sold out, so we're offering a couple of additional package options.  We can not reserve an additional Metra car, but you are welcome to pay your own $7 fare directly to Metra and ride in a car adjacent to the one filled with passengers who purchased their packages well in advance!  We'll even bring you food and drinks!

There are two options available:

1.  Full Package $70 - Includes food and drink on the Renegade Party Train, lawn tickets and lawn picnic.  Does not include Metra fare ($7 roundtrip).  

2.  Picnic Package $45 - Includes food and drink on the Renegade Party Train and lawn picnic.  You will be responsible for obtaining your own concert tickets and payment to Metra.  This package will be available through August 12th.

Please see the FAQs for answers to questions about the Renegade Party Train.