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Adapted by Christopher Sergel

From the Novel by Harper Lee

Directed by Vaun Monroe

Produced by Oak Park Festival Theatre

Struggle for Justice Even Greater Under the Sky

Set in the early 1930s Deep South, To Kill A Mockingbird tells the story of racial injustice enveloping a small-town community. Atticus Finch, through courage and compassion, seeks justice through truth. Scout, Atticus's feisty daughter, brings hope to a society in uproar through a genuine heart and emotional depth. A story as relevant today as the day it was published in the early ‘60s.

This adaptation of the classic novel by Harper Lee will feature the following:

Belinda Bremner (Miss Maudie Atkinson), Joshua Carroll ( Boo/Nathan Radley), Aaron Christensen* (Bob Ewell), David Elliot (Walter Cunningham), Alex Fisher (Mayella Ewell),  Kylah Frye (Calpurnia), Ada Grey (Scout Finch), Robert Hardaway (Tom Robinson), Glen Harston (Rev Sykes), Jack Hickey* (Sheriff Heck Tate), Aayisha Humphrey (Helen Robinson), Kyle Klein II (Jem Finch),Tom Lally (Judge Taylor), Aaron Lamm (Dill Harris), John Mossman* (Atticus Finch), Michael Pacas (Mr. Gilmer), Roxanne Saylor (Jean Louise Finch), Jillian Weingardt (Miss Stephanie Crawford), and Donna Steele (Mrs. Dubose).