Wendell Tucker Hates the World

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Wendell Tucker Hates the World is a hilarious one man show about the views and experiences of Writer/Producer, Wendell Tucker. In the span of one hour, Wendell rages against the world, giving verbal choke-slams to everything in his path. Everything is fair game including love, working in the customer service industry, dating in the social media age, health care, pop culture and even things seemingly harmless, as the “wiggly, jiggly wrongness” that is Jell-o. What can possibly cause a person to feel such malice towards the world? How do you deal with such deep seated anger? Are these just the rantings of the “world's angriest playwright”, or is there a deeper, more pervasive issue causing Wendell Tucker to Hate the World?

Thursdays - Sundays, October 11-21, 2012.