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Sun Spots: War with Peace at Celebrate Hyde Park

Just hangin' around!


(2011 Update: Saturday features Roy Ayers Sunday features War!)

Making Peace and Enjoying War

Me thinks the Inaugural "Celebrate Hyde Park" drew a larger crowd than anticipated!  I got there just as War was taking the stage and 53rd Street was packed with people funneling down to the stage at Blackstone!   Marketing for this To-Do seems to have been done the old-fashioned way - maybe a couple of radio spots and locally posted fliers.  When I first got word of it (by mouth), I thought "War?  Hunh?"  But, I quickly changed that tune to "War - HUH:  what is it good for?"  It was good for an absolutely peaceful, beautiful, Sunday afternoon!

Tons of people were at this free To-Do that featured Hyde Park Restaurants and local musicians throughout this lovely Sunday afternoon.  No fences were up, no tickets collected - just people enjoying War favorites.  No fights, no pushing, young, old, rich and poor gathered and the air was truly festive!  Folks were just happy! 

The enthusiasm for War was infectious, and War did not disappoint!  The band was tight, the vocals on point, the performance energetic and the songs took me back to the day!  Despite the passage of time, War's songs were clearly unforgettable as the crowd joined in the singing (with and without invitation) - take a listen to the video below.

My guess:  Next year they move to a larger venue! 

Soleil's To-Dos




Reader Comments (2)

Great real-time video of such a great event. Kudos to the roving report from Soleil's-To-Dos!!!

July 26, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLarry D. Wayne

Thanks, Larry - your feedback is appreciated!

July 26, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSoleil!

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