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SunSpots: Anita Baker

Anita BakerNot a Comeback, but a Continuation!

Anita Baker's Rapture  album still brings back fond memories!  Her soulful ballads soothed many feelings and inspired romantic notions of what could one day be.  I think we all missed her when she left the biz to focus on her marriage and two young boys, but, recent touring by Anita has given us hope for her return.  Well, on October 23rd, Anita Baker will release Only Forever, her first album in eight years!  Already, the first single, Lately (a cover of Tyrese's song) is the biggest debut from this eight-time Grammy winner since 1994's Body & Soul.  I look forward to hearing what other delights this new album has to offer.

Anita BakerWhere has she been?  Though she took time to tend to her marriage and her growing boys, in 2007, Anita Baker's divorce from Walter Bridgforth - her husband of twenty years - commenced.  But, the  battle over division of royalties with Bridgforth dragged on for another 3-4 years.  Now, at 54, Anita is single, happy and open to a relationship that evolves organically.  It will be interesting to see how her status as a single woman with an empty nest has influenced the songs she's written for Lately.

Enjoy it while you can - this will likely be the last commercial album by Ms. Baker.  She is, however, interested in writing a gospel and a jazz album!

The lush landscape of Ravinia Park sets a lovely venue to see (or  hear, since reserved seats are sold out) Anita Baker perform on Saturday, August 25th.  Reserved seats are sold out, but lawn tickets are still available! View SunSpots: Simply Social with Buena Vista Social Club for more on the Ravinia Park experience!

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